Science fiction Is now a reality!

Do you remember watching the original Star Wars films from 1977 and recall the super cool effects of the Hologram visualisations? Well, this is now real technology...

Image sourced from:  Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

Image sourced from: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope


Last week we visited Amsterdam and attended the World’s largest AV systems integration show. The annual four-day event, which takes place at the RAI Amsterdam every February, is organised and run by Integrated Systems Events. Integrated Systems Events is a joint venture between AVIXA and CEDIA – the two leading industry associations for the global audiovisual industry. 

We were among an amazing attendee list of over 75,000 people from all around the world. It was amazing to see the latest technology available from Professional Audio, Digital Signage, Smart Home appliances, Virtual Reality, XR, Drones & much more!


One piece of technology that stood out and caught our attention was 'Visual', which has advanced to a level where you are not only able to effectively present an idea or a product, but the spectators become mesmerized and are entertained as they watch the display.

The 3D Holographic Display uses well-placed optics to create the eye-catching holographic effect. The same idea that was mimicked for the Star Wars films over 25 years ago!

Moving on from this, the evolution of display technology is also fascinating. Back in the day it was Plasma screens, LCD, then HD, LED & OLED 4K is now on the market. Well…8K ultra high definition and 3D screen (glasses not needed!) are now available. The screens definition and attention to colour details blows you away!! It is like you are being immersed into the scene. Check out our quick video demo.


Drone technology has advanced so fast in the last 5 years with class 1 drones now available to buy commercially. We attended a drone seminar and learnt how drones are being used around the world for a variety of uses. From special ops surveillance, search & rescue, TV & Film, Sports team, medication transport and even parcel delivery!

The team are looking forward to be attending more shows upcoming this year and keeping you informed of the latest technology trends and the revolutionary research & development innovation.

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