What wedding guest type are you?


Weddings are great fun, as they should be. It is a chance for us to share in, one of the most memorable days of a couple’s new life together. Once the evening reception gets started and a few glasses of champagne have been quickly consumed, that’s when we let our hair down and seal the day in true party style.

Soon enough, the truth unfolds and it’s clear to see the types of guests at your wedding reception...


The Bar Magnet


The bar magnet finds it difficult to leave that place of comfort – the bar. Generally, but not exclusively this will be a male guest keen to avoid the dance floor madness and enjoying a bit of banter with other bar magnets.

Single male guests often set up stall at the bar in the hope of spotting other available singles despite their ‘too cool for school’ image. Tell-tale signs are white knuckles from gripping their pint glasses too tightly and a glazed expression from scanning the party scene for too long.

This can be an expensive past time as you frequently get tapped for drinks by sweaty party goers – you do after all look like you own it!

Bride Slayer


This wedding guest will undoubtedly be female. They go all out to find the most exclusive (and expensive) outfit and are proud of it, even if they outshine the bride.

Weddings are that perfect opportunity to showcase an affluent lifestyle to a maximum audience – no holds barred. Choo, Louboutin and Vuitton will be flashed at every opportunity and personal items such as clutch bags and accessories will be given centre stage on tables for all to admire.

They tend to be reserved on the dance floor as they dare not let that brilliantly manicured façade drop. They are after all the envy of all other fashionistas attending, even if no one would admit it to their face.


The Dance Floor Diva


Yep, we all know them. Male or female, there will generally be one guest who smashes it on the dance floor (or thinks they do). You tend to make friends with the DJ to make sure your favourite tunes get an outing and will be pretty sober by the end of the evening because drinking competes with dancing and there can only ever be one winner. Plus you always smash your ‘steps’ target – usually exceeding the 20k mark by the end of the night.

If you are a Northern Soul expert you are the Mo Farah of the party and will probably have completed a half marathon with ease before the night is out. We all envy you but avoid you like the plague for the slow dances – that wet shirt is a real passion killer

Party pooper


Yes you love going to weddings and you are thrilled that your friend is getting married but the party scene is a little overwhelming and you tend to stay put at your table, nurturing your drink whilst struggling to hold meaningful conversations when the volume is at the max. You are reliable and a valued friend, who frequently gets roped into guarding other people’s drinks or running an urgent errand for one of the bridesmaids.

You will occasionally venture onto the dance floor for that one tune that reminds you of your student years but will generally look to escape again at the earliest opportunity.




Love is in the air and some guests maybe feeling a little romantic. Others may be ‘boozed-up’ and simply on the pull. Either way, it’s no surprise when your guests are sitting awkwardly around the breakfast table avoiding eye contact after hooking-up the night before.

There’s often a guest who’s playing cupid and hooking up their BFF to the good looking chap at the bar. Either way, it’s a good bit of gossip for the next day.

Bridesmaids are often part of the club, most likely due to them being so involved in the romance and reflectively, they’re looking absolutely stunning. It’s often the bar magnet that will be trying their look to the end of the night so make sure you have either your room key, or an excuse ready.

The party starter


Well we understand they can’t help it and regardless of the situation, they can be relied upon to be the one person who brings the party to life. They have a tendency to over indulge and as the evening progresses those wild spontaneous moves can lead to one or more accidents that involve spilt drinks or ripped clothing.

You will probably spot one or two guests glaring at them from the side lines; probably nursing sore toes or desperately trying to remove drink stains from their designer dresses but hey they are the life and soul of the party and if nothing else give the rest of us license to let our hair down or have something to gossip about in the toilets.

The ‘crazy guest’ is actually the best person to bring reluctant guest out of their shell and will often drag them onto the dance floor and involve them in the party. Even if they resemble a whirling dervish we love them – just mind our toes, they hurt enough in these designer shoes.


Wardrobe fail

This is a variation on best dressed guest but provides a greater talking point for the rest of us. You’ve got to be careful here as we can all fall victim to a wardrobe fail from time to time but you have to admit to spotting the inappropriately dressed guest at wedding venues? Outfits are generally too tight, a little too revealing or just downright hilarious.


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