Get the room bouncing

LED dance floors have the ability to transform any space into something spectacular and diverse, adding a unique and fun touch to your event. The thrill of dancing in between and above such enchanting lights hypnotises people into a state of blitheness and joy; bouncing off the floor and off one another in a completely enwrapped and jovial state.


White LED Dance Floor

Sleek, stylish & elegant. Our white LED dance floor will transform your venue into a stunning sparkle wonderland. Catwalks, Weddings & retail.


Black LED Dance floor

Our black LED dance floor brings the panache to your event. A gloss black finish with bright white Led’s to bring the party atmosphere to you.


3D Infinity Dancefloor

"Epic"  "Mesmerising"  "Enchanting" is what some of our customers have said! This visually stunning dance floor will thrill your clients beyond belief! Events, product launches, Weddings, Automotive showcase.



12ft x 12ft

14ft x 14ft

16ft x 16ft


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