How to make your Retail Outlet or product launch stand out!

So the big day has finally arrived. It will probably have taken you several years to get to the point where you’re ready to go it alone – getting finance in place, rental agreements and supplier chains to name just a few.

Product launches are exciting events but how do you make yours stand out?

Steve Jobs is the master of product launches but have you noticed how he focuses on what the product will mean to us the consumer? Ultimately what we care about as consumers is how that product is going to fit in to our lives and add some quality to it.

Now I am not suggesting your new shop opening or product launch is comparable to the latest Apple iPhone but there are definitely lessons to be learned.

Teaser campaigns and social Marketing

Social media has revolutionised marketing. It is relatively inexpensive and can be a perfect way to tap into your target audience.  Consider searching for localised areas which frequently have their own Facebook groups/pages which will allow you to promote your products. If you’re feeling comfortable, you can dive further into boost campaigns and adverts.

 Building a buzz around a product launch is an excellent way to get people talking especially by way of a countdown teaser campaign.


You need to keep on top of a teaser marketing campaign and slowly release information to create hype around your product or outlet launch.

You can also use the ‘go live’ feature on Facebook and Instagram to share snippets of information behind the scenes as you prepare for your big day. Revamps are ideal for this feature; you can show décor overhauls once they are complete. Dunkin’ Donuts achieved this with massive success in the run up to Valentine’s Day. They used live streaming to show how they created new products in their test kitchen culminating in a video which demonstrated how they created a massive doughnut-themed wedding cake. The video generated 43,000 views!

Turn your product launch into an event

A press release in your local paper won’t hurt but what you really want to aim for is making your big day an ‘event to remember’.  There are lots of ways you can achieve this and not all of them are pricey but if your budget will stretch – go for it! You want the event to stick in people’s minds plus it demonstrates a real pride and commitment in your product or outlet. Customers love that. You have to back it up with the service to match following your launch but start as you mean to go on – with pride and confidence in your new venture.

Entertainment can be an event that engages attendees directly

Some product launch event ideas consist of a promotional party or a grand opening, an in-store event that could include free giveaways, prizes or rewards. You can really go to town here. Aside from the standard marketing balloons why not hire a DJ and really turn the event into a party? Entertainment can be an event that engages attendees directly. You will need to invest in a good PA system regardless and many product outlet launches will have music to mark the   celebratory feel of their big launch.

Did you know you can hire dance floors as well, which can be truly spectacular? These are perfect for making the occasion really special: for example if you are doing a big unveiling and have hired celebrities, leading influencers or guest speakers/entertainers. The new 3D dancefloors are an eye-popping addition to hireable dance floors; easy to install, they will make the event feel every inch of the occasion you are trying to create. If you are promoting a product you think is cutting edge then your launch should make the same statement!


Interactivity is the key to engaging your customers”

Get your customers involved, ask for their feedback. Never miss an opportunity to find out what your customers want! Props such as photo booths can be a great way to do this. Get a couple of marker pens and mini-white boards and get your guests to post messages about your brand and have their photo taken with them in the booths. You will be amazed what valuable feedback you will receive.

AO Events Photo Booth

If you have an evening launch have you thought about mood lighting that matches your brand identity? This is a great way to subliminally enhance your brand image.

Hold a contest to further engage your attendees. This can be really simple to organise for example get people to send out tweets using the event hashtag at the start of the launch. The person whose tweets had the most likes or shares are announced as the winner at the end of the event.


Focus on what makes you special

Focus on your USP (unique selling point), make sure your potential customers are aware of what makes your product or brand unique. It doesn’t matter if there are 3 other similar stores or wine bars on the high street, you need to make sure customers know what is special about yours. Can you do something that hasn’t been done before in your product field? Can you take a bold and imaginative position? You need to make every effort to create a buzz that ensures your customer base is a loyal and growing one.

Wishing you all good luck for your launches in 2018!

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