#Promgoals - ideas to get the party started

Proms have become a big deal in the UK. We are inevitably following the US trend and moving away from wobbly trestle tables filled with limp sandwiches and sausage rolls to full on, all out GLAMOUR.

Most British high schools now hold a prom and it is even catching on with some primary schools. Not with standing these can be pricey affairs; with prom dresses, shoes, dress suits, limousine hire and 5 * venues (not forgetting the hairdressers, nail salon visits and buckets of fake tan), we wanted to take a moment to celebrate this ‘rite of passage’ event that is taking the UK by storm.

Typically the prom season runs from mid-June to mid-July and planning for this year’s events will probably be well underway. The prom is an opportunity for exam exhausted teenagers to say goodbye to their pre GCSE years and many of their friends in style. And style is the key word in proms as we love an opportunity to ‘glam-up’ in true celebrity style.

Proms are generally, though not exclusively themed affairs and with the emphasis on style and glamour there are some recurring themes that hit the spot.

Vegas/ Casino

Experience the casino night life, without the consequence of spending or losing a penny! You can enjoy a professional casino experience including casino table hire and experienced croupiers.

Careful selection of props can really elevate this experience and don’t forget to hire a photo booth to capture those magical moments.

Masquerade Balls

Masquerade balls have their origins in 15th century Italy.  They were opulent affairs and exclusive to the wealthy classes so they are a perfect choice if you are trying to evoke a very special occasion to remember. The mask will of course take centre stage but you can go to town on the décor too. Everything from Phantom of the Opera style drama with candelabras and sweeping gothic staircases to the playful use of giant Venetian masks and feathers.

Hollywood Glitz and Glamour

A firm favourite for prom nights. We love the opportunity to really push out the boat and strut our stuff in true Hollywood glamour style.  Hollywood themed proms can easily incorporate an Oscar style night, which is particularly suitable if any awards are being handed out. What about these jars of ‘Oscar ropes’ as a clever table centrepiece idea? And the hotdogs in tuxedo wraps is genius.

Garden of Glamour/ Enchanted Forest

If you want to go all out and take advantage of the summer temperatures, why not take the prom venue into the outside space? Hiring marquees and incorporating lighting into the natural foliage can transform the venue into a magical space and we have found some prom organisers who have truly captured the concept of a ‘Garden of Glamour’ effectively.

We hope you have found some inspiration for prom ideas, if not for this year then for next. Have fun!


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